Rosi Hollenbeck of The San Francisco Book Review wrote, "There are plenty of cookbooks available and most people already own a few, so why go out and look for a new one? Well, if one can find a cookbook that has a really fresh take and a great" more

"Your book was judged by top industry professionals—not as merely a great indie book—but as great book, period. It just received a 4 to 5 star rating making it Indie Reader Approved . Winners will be posted in the beginning of 2016, in the meantime here is what one reviewer had to say ... THIS BOOK COOKS serves up a healthy balance of timely, inspiring information and delectable recipes."





Diane Donovan, editor of California Bookwatch writes, "From a one-dish Greek Style Shrimp with spinach, olives, garbanzo beans and feta cheese to a breakfast of Crunchy Banana Waffles, it's a wide-ranging presentation highly recommended for busy cooks looking for different flavors and a fun approach to sustainable, seasonal fare." Read the entire review in The Culinary Corner

Beth Anthony, food editor for Tailgater magazine tells readers, "The recipe for Summer Rolls with Hoisin Peanut Sauce will be sure to bring accolades at the opening of the football season!" Read her review on page 22.

“…Tasting the Seasons offers a flavorful smorgasbord perfect for holiday celebrations. An index rounds out this varied, easy-to-use, taste-sensational cookbook!”

– The Cookbook Shelf, Small Press Bookwatch [ link ]

“The author is a culinary consultant and caterer who specializes in ‘healthy’ eating and entertaining. You will learn a lot from this book which offers some surprising ways to turn ordinary dishes likes pancakes and waffles into a health-related event using salba, teff, millet and flax seeds! ...there is no doubt that anyone with health in mind will greatly enjoy this book and its wide range of recipes.”

– Alan Caruba, Bookviews [ link]

“This is a practical cookbook. Each of the recipes in Tasting the Seasons has an introduction describing where it came from, any special ingredient and its contribution, and a short history of how it came to be. I felt as if the author was standing beside me; sharing a favorite memory, recipe and moment. It is written well enough that pictures are not needed. The ingredients are common and seasonable; the mixing instructions are easy to follow.

The book has breads, appetizers, main dishes, sides, desserts and other common divisions. There are pleasant surprises in each section such as “Oh My! Shortbread” or “Gingered Coconut Carrot Soup” that are impressive enough for entertaining; as well as more basic “Meatloaf” or “Roasted Tomatoes” that are familiar and savory. Added to this is the emphasis on using seasonal, fresh, sustainable and ecologically advantageous produce throughout the year instead of canned or frozen ingredients. The test of a cookbook is first and foremost in the eating, and secondly in the preparations. I have made several recipes from this book; the preparations are not excessive or specialized. Lastly, the best review of this cookbook is that the recipes just taste delicious.”

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– Ralph Peterson, San Diego Book Review

“…this may very well be one of the best cookbooks I have tried in awhile. All the recipes are realistic, have easy to follow directions, and the ingredients are made using seasonal foods that are perfect for foodies like me. Based on our experience, I am happy to give Tasting the Seasons an A+ rating!”

– Susan Bewley, Budget Earth [ link]

“It won't be many pages into this wonderful recipe book that you will feel as though author Kerry Dunnington has seated herself at your kitchen counter with a box-full of family recipes she is eager to share.

There is a nice comfortable familiarity that invades the recipes she presents in this volume, whether she is providing some insight on why she saw fit to include a particular dish or she is giving you instructions for preparation or serving. It will certainly inspire you to visit your local Farmer's Market more often!”

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– Dee Long, Gotta Love It [ link ]

"I offer my most enthusiastic recommendation for 'baltimore eats' longtime columnist, Kerry Dunnington. The feedback from her popular column, 'A Reason for the Season', is a testament to her engaging stories and mouth-watering recipes."

– Bonnie North, former chapter leader, Slow Food Baltimore

"I love this cookbook because there are great everyday recipes using ingredients that are readily available. The fact that Kerry has focused on using local ingredients as well as more fish than meat is also great for a modern lifestyle. I loved the first book, This Book Cooks, which has become my go-to book for inspiration, but I can see this book being an additional great resource!"

– Izzy Zarrillo

"I am a huge fan of local, seasonal cooking, placing an emphasis on whole foods and sustainable goods over those labeled "organic". Cookbooks are capitalizing on the idea that seasonal eating often means better-tasting, less-expensive food, including Kerry Dunnington's new book Tasting the Seasons: Inspired In-Season Cuisine That's Easy, Healthy, Fresh and Fun. The book shares 250 recipes and is designed to inspire a sustainable approach to cooking and, in particular, entertaining.

The chapters in Seasons include appetizers, "enhancers" (essentially sides), breakfast and lunch, hearty as well as light soups, vegetarian and pescatarian main dishes, red meat, chicken and pork dishes, cold and warm vegetable dishes, baked goods and desserts. There is also a resource list, as well as a section on choosing and preparing food with an ecological mindset.

Looking through this book, it is clear that Dunnington is more of a catering chef and tree-hugging environmentalist than a true seasonal cook. While the majority of the recipes could certainly be prepared with some seasonal and locally fresh items, the message is mixed due to her inclusion of hard-to-find or specialty store-bought ingredients that are impossible to substitute. Two recipes, for example, call for "Winter Sippers Hot Buttered Rum Mix" - a prepackaged mixture of mystery ingredients that you have to order online, and only during certain months of the year. While I can appreciate that it may lend flavour to a certain dish, I would have appreciated an easy to find ingredient list with a suggestion of a pre-mix, rather than providing no alternate at all. I also applaud the author's clear belief in local eating, but a certain amount of globally available components need to be included, since it's impossible to assume every cook has reliable access to Dunnington's marketplace.

The dishes in the book are certainly flavourful and easy to prepare - in particular, the soup dishes in Seasons pack a punch and are perfect for this time of year. However, the organization of the book could use some work (for example, using the labels "Fish" and "Vegetarian" for two separate chapters of recipes rather than a catch-all "Pescetarian" title) and since recipes are not organized according to the seasons (a reasonable assumption, given that the book is internationally distributed), the premise of the book is somewhat lost. Truly, this could just be another cookbook of delicious, entertaining-friendly fare, which while perfectly deserving of appreciation is not necessarily helping the reader with "Tasting the Seasons" as implied."

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-Sarah Reid, Reading, Writing and Cooking [ link ]

"Kerry has a heartfelt commitment to eating local and in season, and helping us all to develop a real sense of ethics towards our home here on this plane--the only home we have! "

– John Shields, chef, TV host, author

"Kerry has a nose for what's new in the food world, and she always incorporates the new with the tried and true to create truly fabulous recipes that are clear and easy to follow. "

– Hope Keller, former editor Smart Woman magazine

"Tasting the Seasons is sure to become your eco-classic resource to get you back cooking in the kitchen and supporting local agriculture."

– Joan Norman, One Straw Farm

"A catchy book title is always the cat's meow. Kerry Dunnington's first cookbook, This Book Cooks, is one such example. This local author's latest contribution to the publishing world is Tasting the Seasons--a wondrous cookbook for those who are interested in seasonal eating, locally sourced food, and ways to affect the way you shop and select ingredients.

Whether or not you enjoy cooking, this book is not only a good read but designed in a clear and easy-to-follow format. Tasting the Seasons is a reliable resource for everyday use, but also a great gift for any cook who appreciates an inspired as well as informational approach to preparing, serving and enjoying wonderful and healthy food creations."
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– Kater Leatherman, OutLook by the Bay magazine

"The recipes I've prepared from Tasting the Seasonsare absolutely delicious. They are easy to prepare, yet sophisticated enough for a discerning palate. Containing just the right novel yet simple ingredients to impress your guests! The recipes I've tried so far prove that good, healthy food doesn't require an exhaustive list of expensive ingredients, break the budget or take hours to prepare.

I'll be bringing the cheese curry pate with plum sauce to many a party! And the tomato soup with mozzarella and grilled bread is another new favorite of mine. The brief, user friendly and easy to read chapters listing eco terms and tips, carefully and intelligently vetted product and ingredient information and entertaining advice display the author's wisdom, humor and common sense when it comes to food and life! If you're looking to improve the health of yourself and those you love as well as the health of the planet, Kerry Dunnington, sets out to make it tasty, surprisingly easy and yes, enjoyable. Even for a time challenged mother like myself!"
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– Karen Goco

"Tasting the Seasons has many wonderful easy recipes for someone like me who is not a cook. The 1950's Meatloaf Update was outstanding along with the Roasted Romano Red Potatoes. Also tried the Crab Cakes and loved them."

– Gail Koch

"...This one's a keeper...Clearly, the author is a well-informed, experienced kitchenmeister and hostess, also passionate about what's good for our health and our planet. Contents are interesting, easy to read, easy to use, and scrumptious."

– Elizabeth Somerville

“Kerry Dunnington personalizes each recipe with a justification of why she included this recipe in the book and its origins based on her family and past experiences. This helps the reader relate to the recipe and make an emotional connection to the food.”

– Laura Novak, The Portland Book Review [ link ]